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Online Gurukula of Vedic Sciences (Indians)


This program is designed on the basis of ancient Guru-Shishya-Parampara (master-student tradition) in online live video classes. It is targeted for the students of age 12 and above having immense interest in ancient Indian Mathematics and Sciences. This long course will explore the ancient roots from ancient Gurukula perspective. Students will learn relevant Veda Mantras, Veda Ganita, Veda Vijnana, etc., in Kannada language. Prerequisite for this course is to get Upanayana Samskára (Sacred threading ceremony) and Bháshá Jnána. Our connects can help you to conduct Upanayana in their Ashramas irrespective of gender or caste bias. Online Gurukula for Vedic Sciences starts on 6 February 2022. Different fee structures were proposed. BUT DUE TO THE *INTELLECTUAL POVERTY* SEEN AMONG MAJORITY OF INDIAN PARENTS TOWARDS JOINING THEIR CHILDREN TO INFORMAL GURUKULA DUE TO THE IMPACT OF MACULEY EDUCATION SYSTEM, THE COURSE IS MADE *ABSOLUTELY FREE* AS A *VIDHYAA DAANA*, BUT ONLY FOR ELIGIBLE STUDENTS (SATPAATRAAS) THAT GURU WILL DECIDE BASED ON SOME TESTS. Dedicated children of age 12 and above with immense interest can apply. Minimum 4 classes, each of 1-2 hour duration per month scheduled on weekends. Gurukula will start only if required students decent strength is there.

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