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Online Gurukula of Vedic Sciences (Foreigners)


Ancient and medieval Indian scientific and mathematical works were composed in regional languages and Sanskrit. In the classical period of Indian sciences, important contributions were made by different scholars. The basis for this is Védas which are in Bráhmi language. This program is designed on the basis of ancient Guru-Shishya-Parampara (master-student tradition) in online live video classes. It is targeted for the students of age 12+ having immense interest in ancient Indian Mathematics and Sciences. Elders can also register seperately, but they are restricted from participation in children events or discussion and should not deviate the topics. This five years long course will explore the ancient roots from home schooling perspective. Students will learn relevant Veda Mantras, Veda Ganita, Veda Vijnana, etc., Prerequisite for this course is to get Upanayana Samskára (Sacred threading ceremony) and Bháshá Jnána. Our connects can help you to conduct Upanayana in their Ashramas irrespective of gender/caste/race bias. A thorough study of Kannada and Sanskrit language for an year will be part of the course. Course starts on 6 February 2022. Fee: 999 USD per month for foreign students, to be paid at the beginning of the every month. But for the first batch, it is discounted at 499 USD per month. Minimum 4 classes, each of 1-2 hour duration per month scheduled on weekends. This will run for minimum of 5 years. Depending on the subject depth, more classes will be taken.

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Gurukula Foreigners, ₹39,999.00/month


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