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1011 questions on "Agochara (invisible)" topic of plagiarized book 'Vaidhika Bhautashastra' - part 2

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

(We regret to announce an incident of apparent plagiarism regarding our proprietary content, 'Vaidhika Bhautashastra.' The class notes were wrongly attributed to an individual as an author and an unassociated editor. To address this, we propose an evaluation of their understanding through a series of questions. Our aim is to assess their independent knowledge without assistance from the original master.)

Summary of duplicated “Vaidhika Bhautashastra” book, pages 8-11 in English is as follows:


It's a part of Vaidhika Bhautashastra which can be experienced but unseen. Physics gives details of birth (creation) and post-birth. The details behind it will not be given. That means Sadyojata (Mula Swarupa = atom) is explained. Astronomy, ray, sound, etc. can be experienced but aren't visual. They are produced here in this topic, Agochara. An atom is the most obvious example of a substance that cannot be seen but shows its existence. Therefore, the first and foremost example given is “atom”.

Atom is the source of everything, atom is invisible. But it will appear when it has a format. So an unformed atom is invisible. Visible in material form when gets a form. It is said "to get a form". A body can be a human being, an organism, or a material.

If you accidentally look at the molecule itself with a very bright microscope, you can see only the molecule and not the body. Then what is seen is the seed of Chaitanyamula, not matter or molecule, that is what is said in spirituality, "God is in all beings". Since the molecule is the same in all, it is the truth that all are the same.

In this agochara comes the part called "Garbha". The Garbha is introduced forward in the following manner.

Prithvi > Water > Agni > Vayu > Akasha > Mulachaitanya.

If this is analyzed physically, Mulachaitanya visibility is possible. "The invisible shows the next form inferentially while the illusion shows the previous form.

"Eg: > If heat represents water, water represents earth. There is no form in the invisible. Illusion is not a visual illusion as it comes from caste. So, it shows the next form. Although going in the previous order it is not against the law of physics, it is obeying the law of physics.

The sky is not the Garbha, but the Garbha is after the sky. It is the same original spirit, Moolachaitanya. The next part is Jaata (illusion), the previous part is the Garbha (womb), since it shows the Jata in the present, the Garbha in the past, it is Bhauta. Or it is physical because it identifies the present in the introductory background of the past. It is visible, effect, progress, quality, in this order the present is shown, the future is formed. This is what nature is made of. That is, matter is made up of atoms.

Eg: > The chain of plastic polymers (molecules) that make up the ink, nib, casing, from which a pen is made, is built upon one another.

* * *

To ensure we maintain a balanced perspective between scientific skepticism and respect for this Vaidhika Bhautashastra's perspective, here are questions that challenge the plagiarised lesson and invite further explanation, covering multiple areas of science. There are many redundant questions, it's those fake author & publisher's job to identify and answer by picking them properly:

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