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Acidity (Āmla Pitta)


  • Physical weakness,

  • acidic or watery belching,

  • dizziness,

  • burning stomach,

  • heartburn, etc.


Oxygen inhaled in breathing enters the body and eventually turns into carbon dioxide. Through the influence of this carbon dioxide, the digestive fluid-secreting glands are activated. If food is taken irregularly and excessively day after day, or if food is forced down with little or no appetite, or if eating rich food becomes a steady habit, it becomes impossible for the digestive fluid to digest the food properly. Then, just as on the one hand the undigested or partially-digested food turns into a poisonous gas, so on the other hand the secreted digestive fluid gradually turns into harmful acid.

The digestive fluids are themselves acidic, but under normal conditions when they digest the food they themselves are digested. When, however, as a result of the aforesaid irregularities, they are unable to digest the food, the fluids themselves also remain undigested.

The cause of acidity, therefore, is the poisonous gas being produced by the decomposed food, together with the putrid acid produced by the deterioration of the undigested fluids.

The putrid acidic gas and fluids cause a burning sensation in the stomach. When they rise up to the chest they cause heartburn; when they reach the throat, burning is felt in the throat; when they rise further they cause dizziness.

Due to this excessive acidity, the blood becomes acid-dominated. Being overworked, the blood-purifying organs of the body also become weak, and the patient feels weak.

This over-acidity of the blood also causes swelling and consequent pain in different parts of the body, especially the joints. The name of this condition is 'rheumatism'.

When a strong and continuous effort is being made by the body's organs to purify the over-acid blood, this condition is called 'colic' or 'shooting pain.'

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