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Arthritis - Ayurveda & Diet

Ayurveda looks at this problem of 'Arthritis' and treats it effectively. Fundamental aspects of this protocol is:

  • How healthy, flexible joints rely on digestion and metabolism.

  • Primary cause of arthritis - like an excess of Ama, lack of agni etc.,

  • Ayurveda recommended techniques & Panchakarma therapies.

  • Hot &/or cold water immersion, steam bath, oil application, hip bath, etc.,

  • Diet suggestions for you according to dosha type of arthritis. Without strictly following the diet, its nearly impossible to recover.

  • Useful herbs and herbal formulas for arthritis.

  • Helpful Yoga postures for Arthritis treatment.

  • Ayurvedic management of rheumatoid arthritis (ama vata), osteoarthritis (sandhi vata), gout (Vatarakta), fibromyalgia (CFS), sciatica, cervical spondylosis etc.,

Some general dietary tips for Arthritis:

  1. Intake of warm &/or medicated water (Jala Chikitsa) handles arthritis or any such inflammations successfully. It can be customized as per the patient using ancient Vedic rules.

  2. A glass of cucumber & celery juice in the early morning.

  3. Green smoothie made up of spinach along with some favorite seasonal fruits.

  4. Yoga (simple asanas and gradually towards Surya Namaskaras) & exercise in natural sunlight in open environment with fresh air. Fill your body with oxygen. It does not let any disease survive in your body. Bare foot walking on grass / mud / stones is the best natural nutrients supplier.

  5. Breakfast - fruits like pomegranate, papaya, muskmelon.

  6. Lunch - one cooked grain (millet or brown-rice or quinoa, etc.,) along with lot of vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, beetroots, beans, peas, etc.,).

  7. Last meal before sunset is good. Stir fried vegetables (cauliflower, beans, peas / soup / raw salads, etc.,).

  8. Stop all processed food, refined sugar, refined salt, oils, meat & eggs, pungent spices, milk & milk products and processed foods.

Within 3 months of time, you can walk normally. You will be able to do up to 30 Surya Namaskaras. By this, the Hemoglobin levels increase and inflammation levels drop. It can be seen in decrease of CRP & ESR levels.

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