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Attainment of Fulfillment (Bhukti) and Liberation (Mukti) through Cow Service (Góseva)

Each sentient being has one ultimate objective, to attain the almighty Parameshwar, who is the infinite Lord of countless universes. Yet, it remains an intriguing mystery that the revered, serviceable, and worshipful entity of this blissful, truth-consciousness-supreme soul, Paramátma, is the holy cow.

The divine entity, yearning for cow service, assumed the saguna sakar (God with form) incarnation 'Góvinda' and 'Gópála', demonstrating an exemplary model for cow service and worship through both his actions and teachings. According to the 'Padmapuráña', Lord Krishna, dwelling in Gólóka Vrindávana, manifests his devotional sentiments towards cows by saying -

गावो ममाग्रतो नित्यं गावः पृष्ठत एव च ।
गावश्च सर्वगात्रेषु गवां मध्ये वसाम्यहम् ।।

This elucidation suggests that in accordance with the noble sentiment of 'भोगश्च मोक्षश्च करस्थ एवं,' effortless acquisition of worldly and spiritual welfare aligns with the act of cow service. Cow service not only pleases the all-encompassing Gaumáta but also follows the principles of Dharma, scripture, and divine will. With the divine pleasure obtained through the service, there is no earthly or heavenly bliss that a cow devotee cannot easily attain. The concepts of 'Bhukti' and 'Mukti' (worldly enjoyment and spiritual liberation) become the humble servants at the devotee's feet.

The practice of cow service stands unparalleled in terms of achieving Purushartha, the four goals of life (Dharma, Artha, Káma, Móksha). No other path bears such profound significance. Thus, it is incumbent upon us all to remain perpetually dedicated to cow service and cow protection with our body, mind, and wealth. Such commitment can pave the way towards ultimate bliss and salvation, ensuring a harmonious existence between man and nature.

- Hemanth Kumar G


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