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Critique on mindset of society towards Astrologers/Priests/Doctors

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Neither the Astrologer/Priest nor the Doctor is almighty to wash out all your ailments or Karmas. Whatever is done in the past has to be experienced in the future in one or the other way.

Proper and well experimented Astrological remedies which are picked from the Vedas and Agamas that are grouped under Karma Vipaaka of Parashari is the highest domain that helps to divide and experience those past Karmas by providing required will power.

None of the remedies in the world will nullify the Karmas. Its a path, just a ray of help to ease the process of experiencing the past Karmas. So, none of the remedies come with a guarantee card. It is Karma Siddhanta based. If your general knowledge, education and fate takes you to a good Astrologer/Doctor/Priest, it's your luck. Else you will lose even a single chance to get proper diagnosis and remedies done. Luckily if you get a good Astrologer/Priest/Doctor, your situations, ego or prejudises may be so strong due to your own Karmic influences that you will not be able to follow the Astrologer's/Doctor's/Priest's words. Many clients seek the astrological advice from a very good Astrologer who would have attained the supreme (Daivajna) position by his/her penance. But the clients may not do his recommended remedies accomplished. Reasons are plenty. But target is one. Karmic influences does not want to give remedies to you. So without a strong will to get it done, clients wont get the remedies. Clients should also be well aware about the human limitations while seeking the divine help.

People spend for luxuries of their life, but ask the Astrologers/Priests/Doctors that why the remedies are so costly and does the remedies guarantee to solve their issue? Another funny question is "Is there any alternative for this medicine or remedy?". If an astrologer asks to feed Brahmacharis by saying "Brahmachari Bhojana", some clients without using their brains throw tens of questions like -

* Who is Brahmachari?

* How can we confirm he is a Brahmachari?

* When to feed him?

* Where to feed him?

* How much to feed him?

* What should be the menu?

* Should the fan be on or off during feeding?

* How can we cook and feed him as we couple are working in office whole day?

* Can we give donate the money equivalent to a meal to any kid? What age?

* Can we take him to a restaurant or order from Swizzgy/Zomato with the food of choice of kid?

* Are pizzas ok?

* If Payasam to be there, how much should be the Sugar? Or should we use organic jaggery as Sugar is quoted with bone powder? Should Payasam be more sweet or less sweet?

* It should be breakfast or lunch or snacks or dinner?

* Should both husband and wife be there while feeding or one person is ok?

* Remedy is for my daughter, but she stays is other city with her husband. Can her father or mother do this remedy on behalf?

............. 1, 2, 3, INFINITY ..............

These brainless, study-less, analysis-less questions doesn't deserve any answers! It will become a small book on Brahmachari Bhojana if these queries which are sent through social media communications channel one by one day and night. These kinds of ugly questions make Astrologer/Priest/Doctor repent why he/she suggested that remedy. Sometimes the Astrologer/Priest silently returns back their consultation amount of 200 or 500 rupees with some more penalty back to such clients or evn put their money to a temple Hundi. Human beings are considered as intellectuals. Nowadays everything is available in Google. People show laziness even to search the right answers. So clients should always be sensible, use their brains before firing the questions.

Genuine Priests/Astrologers/Doctors are interested to learn continuously and apply their knowledge for the betterment of society. These genuine people try to reduce the burden on the clients as much as possible. But one has to remember in present era that hardly any item from retail shop arrives for free for them to conduct the rituals or treatment.

It is the mistake of the clients that they dont show the horoscopes from childhood or don't take precautions about their health as said in Ayurveda. They have to get the astrological remedies done on time such that the Kaarmic load dont get accumulated. But the tendency of people is to pile up the load of Karma and when they cant handle, approach the Astrologers/Priests/Doctors. Obviously, the remedies for such a huge load of Karmas is not an easy task. Lot of effort is required in terms of rituals. Sometimes the remedy providers get adverse affects of clients Karma during the Karma Vipaaka. To be safe, they have to do lots of Japa and Veda Paaraayanas. There are tons of fake or inefficient Priests/Astrologers/Doctors who are money grabbers. Clients have to be cautious about them and their remedies which look fancy or cery easy, but never influence towards any Karma Vipaaka.

Good Astrologers recommend to do some Vratas, Japas, Daana, Yajna, Upavaasa, Pooja, etc., mentioned in Smritis/Kalpas/Puranas, etc., But society sees this like a toughest punishment. Clients dont want to do any hard worships, dont even want to spend amount towards rituals, but strive for remedies, just like buying modern gadgets.

Good Astrologers/Priests/Doctors feel sad when the clients doesn't follow their instructions which were derived on the basis of lot of efforts and also feel sad if the remedy doesn't work. If the remedy doesnt work, the Priests/Astrologers/Doctors will be blamed. This is another situation which may force some public service interested Priest/Astrologer/Doctor to turn into a commercial person.

But the clients neither understand the huge investment towards various aspects of these occult sciences in the modern day involve learning in terms of courses, books, software & hardware; workplace rent, workers salary, ritual material expenses, websites, advertisement, internet, taxes, etc.,

In ancient times the King would have barred the living expenses of Priests, Astrologers, Doctors, Vidwans, etc., Nowadays irrespective of education or profession everybody has to earn their livelihood and even pay double taxes if they are in salaried class. But there is no assurance of any monetary benefits in the old age. Whatever you save, may help a little if some middle agency or people doesn't cheat you.

So remaining countable non-commercial Astrologers/Doctors/Priests are also being forced to step toward a proper business model. The reason behind this is society, means the people and government. Service mindset doesn't have any value in modern society. Take an example, if a doctor gives 100 rupees medicine, they may be seen as cheap by middle and upper middle or higher class of society. If they charge 500 rupees for the same prescription, with a posh clinic and sophisticated dialogues, they will be respected. If they charge 1000 rupees, will be reachable only for people of high class. In between this, there are one rupee, five rupee and even zero rupee charging Doctors/Astrologers/Priests. But the society shouldn't take advantage and make loss to anyone. If those service oriented people doesn't take modern day equivalent fees, try to help them in other ways. A priest may require some Pooja items, some computer typing or printouts and may be some government office work to be done; help them there. An Ayurveda doctor may require herbs, hands to prepare medicines, etc., But this is hardly happening in the society now.

There is no difference between modern day commercial Astrologers, modern day commercial Priests, modern day commercial Doctors and modern day commercial clients. People get what they deserve. If the society doesn't value, the concepts like knowledge and service may also vanish one day. Protection or destruction of ancient sciences is in the hands of society.

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