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Darpana Vidhya

The roots of the present Computer Technology reside in ancient Indian Tantra Shaastra which are formulated from Vedas. Darpana Vidhya is one such Saadhana. I was enthusiastic to learn this Vidhya. My guru Brahma Rushi K S Nityananda is a living legend from Naatha Sampradaaya whose age is an unimaginable number of years and traveled through different bodies through Parakaaya Pravesha Saadhana. I asked him about this Vidhya. He instructed me to first prepare one traditional mirror. As per his given formula and directions, I with Karkala Vaidhya Shamanna and Karkala Shilpi Prakash attempted to prepare it and failed twice or thrice.

Coincidentally I got in touch with traditional Arunmula Kannadi makers from Kerala. Selected one of the models based on the Mayoora Sutra from Paaduka to find out several facets of life. The sutra matched the Peacock Mirror (Mayookha Kannadi). It represents the rich and royal tradition and reflects prosperity and abundance. Specially made on order from traditional Arunmula Kannadi makers from Kerala. Also requested to prepare it is the best muhurta and with great devotion as it is intended to be used in Astrology.

One of my childhood friends asked why it is called Mayookha? Mayoora is the peacock, but Mayookha is Sun/rays. First thing is that the traditional mirror makers call it Mayookha. When we see the feathers of peacocks, they shine well in the bright sun rays. "Kha" is Khagola where Sun resides. So the property of Kha is witnessed by the reflection of sun rays in the cosmos. The same thing we see in the feathers of peacocks. That's why it seems that Mayoora is mapped to Mayookha as these kinds of mirrors were made only for special purposes of Kirana Pratipalana (Lightwave reflection) based Drushya Saadhana (scrying).

The uniqueness of the mirror lies in the fact that it is not made of glass. The exact metals used in the alloy are mixed with copper and tin before being polished for several days in a row to achieve their reflective surface. In a normal mirror, the image is formed from the inner surface. However, in Aranmula Kannadi, light can get reflected from the outer surface (i.e., from the polished metal surface) which gives a perfect image. The mirror is usually kept at room temperature away from direct heat and dust.

Mysterious in its beauty, the metal mirror is believed to bring prosperity to your home. Aranmula Kannadi is a wonder to the world because of its specialty. A 45 cm tall Aranmula Kannadi is preserved in British Museum located in London, UK. Geological indication has taken the potency of Aranmula Kannadi.


Height : 27.0 cm

Width: 17.5 cm

Mirror Dia : 10.00 cm

This is a 100% manually crafted product. No machines are using for its making. If maintained properly, it can last for one thousand years intact.

Anyway, it reached me on this auspicious first day of Sharn-Navaratri. I am happy for being a proud owner of the most unique and precious mirror in the world! - the Aranmula kannadi metal mirror. The same day, took this mirror to my guru and he was also happy with its craftmanship. He instructed me to continue Saadhana by myself. Hoping to achieve ancient Indian Darpana Vidhya Saadhana for the benefit of society. The main application will be in Astrology.

- Hemanth Kumar G

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