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Diabetes (Mēharōga / Sugar disease)

Updated: Nov 3, 2020


  • An incessant desire for urination,

  • burning sensation in the urinary tract,

  • continuous thirst and sweet taste in the mouth,

  • the attraction of flies and ants towards the urine,

  • headache,

  • dizziness,

  • pale and dry skin,

  • becoming old in appearance at a young age,

  • discomfort all over the body, etc.,

taken together, are the indications of diabetes. It is often found that diabetic persons suffer from cataracts.

Causes:- It is not always the case that sugar is present in the urine of diabetes patients. Diabetes with sugar in the urine is called 'sōmarōga' or 'madhumēha'. Diabetes without sugar is called 'mūtrātisāra' or 'udakamēha'.

The debility of the Maṇipūra Cakra (Psychic-energy center located at the navel.) is the main cause of diabetes. Amongst the pancreatic juices, one secretion helps in the digestion of food, and another separates the sugar content from non-vegetarian and starchy types of food. The sugar is then stored in a particular section of the liver and according to body requirements, it is dissolved to generate heat and vital power to run the body mechanism. Chronic indigestion, constipation (here also the stool usually turns into pellets), mental exertion without any physical labor, use of intoxicants, and excessive seminal waste; all weaken the vitality of the liver. When such weakening takes place, the sugar contents of the food, failing to find a storage place in the liver, are assimilated into the blood and gradually accumulate. As a result, the blood gets polluted and loses its immune properties to a great extent. The natural reaction of the body in such a situation is to try to purify the blood by separating out its sugar content and expelling it with the urine. To dissolve the sugar, the human body needs plenty of water, and that is why diabetes patients suffer from continuous thirst. Sugar emitted with the urine in a large quantity gradually reduces the vital energy of diabetes patients.

Treatment:- Book an online appointment with Vedavidhya Consultants for Ayurvedic, Yogic, Nutrition based Treatments, and Natural Remedies.


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