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Floral Acupuncture

This treatment is designed to transform the healing modalities of acupuncture and flower essences into liquid light treatments for the body. Each acupuncture point is encoded with a specific resonance that sends a message to your body, mind, and spirit via the meridian system when the point is stimulated. By applying flower essences to acupuncture points, we are replacing the traditional stainless-steel acupuncture needle with outer floral nature. The flower essence becomes the catalyst that stimulates the movement of Prana Shakti, or life force, through the body via the meridian system. Changing the catalyst for this stimulation from metal to the living language of flowers creates a conversation between inner and outer nature that is new, refreshing, and uplifting. The color and light encoded in a flower essence, when applied to its corresponding acupuncture point, create an exponential effect that revivifies your life force and lifts it to a new octave. There is a sensation during the application of these treatments of a "multiplying" effect or a holographic link between floral nature and the life of your body, soul, and spirit. In this method of application, the body takes center stage. A hallmark of these treatments is the grounding of psychological insights into the body, enabling you to manifest your goals through direct action in the world. This treatment system galvanizes your physical body to actively participate with your emotional, mental, and spiritual processes. Topical floral treatments are simpler than the internal use of flower essences. You can use them often and safely to help activate your body to simply do new things. Topical floral treatments present an elegant system for professionals, bodyworkers, and those at home to experience acupuncture using the language of flowers. It is important to note that these treatments are intended to complement, not replace, your regular acupuncture treatments. This art is as yet, the mere tip of the iceberg of what is to come. Transformation of today's therapy movement (holistic healing of shattered emotional, mental, and physical parts) will hopefully bring about future resurrection modalities able to raise integrated human potential into yet higher octaves.

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