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Interesting Facts About 'Swastika'

Discover the untold and untouched secrets of the Swastika.

【1】There is a blue line on top of the serpent's hood, which is also called a Swastika.

【2】In the Halayudhakosha, it is considered one of the 24 sacred symbols of Dharma.

【3】Having a Swastika symbol at home or business place prevents evil eye, obstacles, and Vastu defects.

【4】The presence of Swastika generates positive effects and energy from all four directions.

【5】In the Vedas, the Swastika is referred to as 'Chatushpad,' meaning a crossroad.

【6】Swastika is also a protector of the four pursuits of life: Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kama (desire), and Moksha (liberation).

【7】The Kaustubha gem, residing on the chest of Lord Vishnu, is in the shape of a Swastika.

【8】Swastika is a kind of Sarvatobhadra Mandala, meaning it is equal from all sides.

【9】According to the Brahmi script system, Swastika represents Vighnaharta Ganapati (remover of obstacles).

【10】Famous explorer George Warder considers Swastika a symbol of the sun. He wrote in his memoirs that the Swastika holds as much energy as the sun; it's just that we cannot understand or see it. A Swastika in the home is helpful in attaining prosperity.

【11】According to the Vedic discipline festival, Shami wood is considered the best for igniting fire in rituals like Yajna. Initially, Swastika recitation and worship are necessary to produce fire from Shami wood; otherwise, the fire does not manifest. Due to ignorance, this Vedic tradition is fading away, leading to people not receiving immediate results from rituals.

【12】Swastika is always found in the residences and temples of Tibetan Lamas.

【13】The Swastika symbolizes the wheels of the Sun's chariot, which have hubs.

【14】When making an Indian Swastika, the lines are drawn from right to left, whereas in the Christian Swastika, it is from left to right.

【15】There are six lines in a Swastika, representing the six main rays of the sun:

“Shaddevatatmakam Suryarashmitvam”

The six rays of the sun are named as:

★ Dahani - burning

★ Pachani - digesting

★ Dhumra - smoking

★ Karshini - attracting

★ Varshini - raining

★ Rasa - giving taste and essence to substances

The Vedas refer to these six rays of the sun as Swastika.

【16】According to 'Shadaveh Swara Mukhya: Kathita Moolkaranam', there are six main notes. These six notes are the six deities, referred to as 'Morgan Swami' or Kartikeya in the south, who is worshipped in a six-faced form and is also the elder brother of Ganapati.

Ancient scriptures also prescribe how to make a Swastika.

The rays extending upward from the Swastika indicate the four directions.

Two lines on each side, the vertical lines symbolize Riddhi-Siddhi (prosperity and spiritual power) and the two sons Shubh-Labh (auspiciousness and profit).

The four dots in the middle of Swastika represent the four Vedas.

-Hemanth Kumar G

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