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Journey of Generosity: Embracing the Legacy of Siri Bhuvalaya

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

On Sunday, from Chikkamagaluru to Mangaluru, and then on Monday, 14-08-2023, in the morning, heading from there to Hassan, me Hemanth Kumar G received the two new kannada books whose title's English translation would look like "Siri Bhuvalaya's First Volume's Abridged Literary Essence - Part 1,2." In addition, 20 copies of the book were carried from there to Bengaluru to be shared with a close circle. The opportunity provided on the very first day to obtain books as a gift of knowledge, after a challenging long journey, meeting the author and obtaining the book in this fast-paced life brought a feeling of honor and decorum.

It is rare to find people like Sudharthi who donate knowledge in this way. Proactively meet them and get these two monumental books. After receiving, read them thoroughly and discuss their contents. This is a service to Kannada. Sending by post isn't possible, as the wise author is also aged. He has taken a great effort to write these huge books and is giving them away freely. Pay them a visit, say a few kind words, receive some heartfelt blessings, and realize the importance of human interactions.

According to Kumudendu, the eternal flow of sacred letters which elucidates the human values is known as "Jinavani" or the divine sound which is none other than the "Veda Nāda". Sudharthi couple is here to make everyone listen to this freely. The real definition of freedom is hidden in Siri Bhuvlayada. Living in a village and experiencing true freedom like Sudharthi is like meeting the giants of the literary world, and it was a real freedom festival for me.

Learned ones, your knowledge is minuscule in front of the vast treasure of knowledge in Siri Bhuvlayada. Instead of boasting about the modern void, embrace the complete 'Brahma,' the supreme void, which makes the true nature of the foundational Vedas known.

The text seems to highlight the significance of the books and emphasizes the value of knowledge-sharing, respect, and the importance of human connections. It also suggests a deep philosophical undertone with respect to Kannada literature and the broader concepts of knowledge and existence.

-Hemanth Kumar G


Announcement from Author

Enthusiasts deserving of the donation are requested to contribute to the success of this initiative by coming to the place and receiving the books freely. For those residing in and around Bangalore, and those wishing to acquire this creation in Bangalore, arrangements have been made to distribute during the cooperative union's work hours at the store located within the premises of Jayachamaraja Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya near the Kempegowda Bus Stand, with the assistance of Mr. M.R. Yathirajulu Naidu. You can contact the phone number 8660361948 and visit at a convenient time to collect your copy.

In addition, at "Friends Com-Tech", No.15, (146), 2nd Main Road, Chamarajpet, Bangalore, you can contact Mr. Suresh and acquire it. Phone: 9343078454.

Residents of other parts of the state are requested to collect copies by visiting 'Haluvagilu' village, located 3 kilometers from 'Thanneeruhalla' village near the B.M. road in Hassan city. Directions to the location are provided, along with an online map. Those coming from distant places who are interested can arrange to pick up multiple copies for their acquaintances. Unfortunately, I am unable to mail the copies. Enthusiasts are kindly requested to show their generosity.

Your faithful,

Siribhuvalayada Sudharthi Hassan,

K.R. Shankaranarayana,

Near Giddamma Temple,

Haluvagilu Village, Hassan Taluk,


Contact phone: 7676474972/ 6363984252.

To reach Mr. Sudharthi's house in Haluvagilu, Hassan, here's the online map link:

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