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A Discussion on the Importance of Siribhuvalaya and the Acharya Traya

The questioner asks, "If Siribhuvalaya is such an important text, then the Acharya Traya (the three Acharyas) should have mentioned it." Here are the counter-questions in response.


1. Today, texts like the Brihatrayi and Laghutrayi of Ayurveda, ancient texts of Jyotirayurveda, ancient texts of Roga Nidana and Bhaishajya (medical texts), and texts of Rasashastra (alchemy) are considered important. Did the Acharya Traya mention these as important?

2. Similarly, there are many ancient texts related to the Triskandhas of Jyotisha (astrology) that serve as a guiding light for people's difficulties and hardships. Have the Acharya Traya mentioned all these explicitly?

3. Have the Acharya Traya discussed the original texts and essence of the ancient sciences like the 18 Vedas or the currently known four main Vedas - Rig, Yajur, Sama, Atharva - along with the four Upavedas (subsidiary Vedas) - Dhanur, Artha, Ayu, Gandharva - all the Shadanga texts, 28 Sutra texts, Vaimanika Shastra (aeronautics), Bhauta Shastra (physical sciences), Rasayana Shastra (chemistry), Jiva Shastra (biology), Loha Shastra (metallurgy), Ganaka Shastra (computer science), Natya Shastra (dance and dramaturgy), etc.?

4. Why should the Acharya Traya mention all these? Who decides their subject matter and the sources they should rely upon - the Acharya Traya or someone else? Is their main focus on Vedanta or on a comprehensive encyclopedia like Siribhuvalaya, encompassing all languages and versatile subject matters? Are the texts that don't mention contemporary issues like the current constitution, Mahisha Dasara, revolutionary literature, etc., incorrect, or are the Acharyas wrong? If someone presents a left-wing perspective in the context of this question, is that valid?

Before asking a question, one must at least have studied the reality of the subject matter. It's useless to merely shine a light on something unrelated and critique it through Dravidian pranayama. This article only addresses counter-questions to an argumentative question and is not a critique of the Acharya Traya. The Acharya Traya are highly respected. They have presented what they saw in their path and set a framework for it. Similarly, Kumudendu Muni has also elevated his soul in all three times and traveled through the higher dimensions and earth, devising mathematical formulas in Kannada numerals, reproducing all texts accurately with advanced technology, which has now been made available to us to print and distribute to devout readers by Siribhuvalaya's introducer, Sudharthyji from Hassan. It is not possible for him to enter every person's body and make them read. Reading and understanding or misinterpreting it is up to each individual. If you haven't read it or understood it or it doesn't say what you or the common understanding says, then it's your narrow-mindedness. Only if you read it with an open mind and broad perspective can you understand anything in it.

- Hemant Kumar G

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