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Nebulizer - 2 (Lower Respiratory Tract)

Nebulizer - 2 (Lower Respiratory Tract)

Common cold nebulizer for children and adults from Brahmi Healthcare:-

Nebulizer drops (10 ml, 50 Rs)

Just apply the specified number of drops on cotton and smell it for specified number of times and intervals.

Note - Doses are administered as per symptoms, age and place.

1 drop for 0-12 months

2 drops for 1-3 years

3 drops for 4-12 years

4 drops for 13-18 years

5 drops for 19+ years

Better to repeat morning, afternoon, evening at a fixed time daily. Best results if used for one month. One bottle can come upto 10 days. Order 2-3 bottles for one month long medication. Note that the medication is subjected to hydrate under room temperature. Store in dark place with low temperature. Don't store in Fridge.



Brahmi Healthcare introducing Adult's Acute Cold Drops based Globules priced at Rs. 70/- per bottle. Put 4-10 globules in warm water, stir and drink

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