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Obesity Management Pack

Obesity Management Pack

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Made on order. This product involves 3 months medicines, consultation and diet plan.

Require following lab tests to be done to prepare obesity medicines.

CBC, ESR, LFT, RFT, Lipid Profile, FBS, PPBS, HbA1c, Urine r/m, Electrolytes - urine test, Thyroid Function, vitamin profile test, comprehensive metabolic panel, hs-CRP test, NT-Pro BNP Serum test, cardiac profile test (cTnT, cTnI).

On the day of the above blood tests measure the following and share all the details with us:-

1. Waist circumference at upper, middle and lower abdomen level

2. Weight and BP during FBS and during PPBS.

3. Height

4. age

5. Your full photo

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