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Vahana Raksha Yantra

Vahana Raksha Yantra

Auspiciously made from the Vedic Diagrams.

The Yantra will be manually written, enchanted with huge count of Mantra, blessed and energised before dispatch. Due to the involvement of Japas and rituals, the shipping time is around 2-4 weeks.

Size: 3" X 3" white metal/c/brass plated

Details For Pooja / Energization

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Vahana Raksha Yantra Benefits:-

Vahana Raksha Yantra, blessed by Lord Hanuman, is one of the most powerful and most helpful for preventing and avoiding accidents, focus on driving. There are worries in your mind that there should not be an accident by placing this Yantra in the car. Also, it removes the fear of your mind because the Blessings of Lord Hanumanji are there.

According to, Great Vedic Book of Mahabharata, in the war, Arjuna was requested to protect his chariot by Lord Hanumanji. Because Arjuna asked to preserve the chariot, he was set forward on the chariot. As a result, the chariot didn't got even a single scratch.

The worshipping of Vahana Raksha Yantra helps to protect and avoid uncertain accidents. It helps to keep the evil objects distracting concentration away while driving. It acts as a shield to protect and save the worshipper from such miss fortunes and ensures his own. And his family and his belongings safe during the journey.

Mantra for Vahana Raksha Yantra

II Óm Namó Bhagavaté Ánjanéyáya Mahábaláya Namah II

Placement of Vahana Raksha Yantra: The Yantra should place in Vehicle Dashboard or alongside your Ishtadevata or Hanumanji.

Vahana Raksha Yantra Puja Guidelines: With a purified mind and body after taking a bath, with a focused and positive mind, start the Prayers. Sprinkle Water on yourself and Yantra. Offer fresh fruit & flowers. Light Incense Stick or Diya.

Close Your eyes, Chant Mantra at least 21 times and concentrate on Goddess Laxmi or Ishta Devata or Hanumanji for blessings and ask god to fulfill desires related to vehicle & travellers protection from any accidents.

  • Disclaimer

    This is devotional belief and the seller will not guarantee that it will prohibit all the accidents. Those who strongly believe in Agamokta Tantra Shastra based Yantra Vijnana can support their beliefs, can avail this Yantra. Original Yantra desigm and material may differ from the image shown in the website.

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