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VātaHara VedaTabs

VātaHara VedaTabs

🌿 Nature's Solution for Gastritis 🌿

🍃 Introducing VātaHara VedaTabs: Gastritis Be Gone! 🍃

Experience relief from chronic gastric and hyper-acidity troubles in JUST 3 DAYS with our herbal remedy.

✅ 100% Steroid Free
✅ Prepared from Natural Herbs
✅ Money-Back Guarantee

🌍 Ever heard of "Vāyu Prakōpa" or "Vāta Dōsha"?
It's what we call the gastritis problem in Ayurveda. There can be various causes like overeating, excessive junk food, or even consuming gas-producing foods.

💡 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Combat Gastritis:

1. Eat balanced meals
2. Minimize fried & spicy foods
3. Stay hydrated while eating
4. Exercise regularly
5. Opt for natural alternatives over chemical substances
6. Apply our pure organic Gir Cow Ghee on your navel

If natural remedies aren't enough, our natural herbal food supplement, the VātaHara VedaTabs are here for rescue! See results in 3 days when combined with the above practices. 🌱

💸 Only ₹292/- + shipping
🎉 FREE Shipping on purchase of 2 packs or more!

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