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-New - It's 100% fully working - "3D" Revolta is a revolution, developed on the basis of Age of Empire and it's successors. To better understand this game, you should refer to the description below. No references to Age of Empire are hidden, but the engine is a different one. An offline turn-based strategy RPG and the result of their work is a new «take» on the genre of strategy game and is available to all: Free ~ #1 Strategy Game of Google Play. #1 in Games - K-OMGPOP #1 Entertainment – Mobile 1st November 2013 - 19th March 2014 Repack of the highly acclaimed pirate-saga of the game development company Nosteam - «Revolta» - a pirate RPG you can play both offline and online! Older Version You can download the original game for free to any device, and you can download the latest version. ORIGINAL AND RECENT GAMES Developed by the game company Nosteam, which has already produced some of the best titles of the mobile game genre. «Revolta» has a rich and original narrative, a light hearted style and many aspects of classic RPG, as well as some new twists, such as the ability to play offline and online. With «Revolta» you will play on a wonderful world of pirate adventure and the creation of your own narrative. Imagine the world of legend and adventure where we will live and develop the game. There is a lot of logic in this world, so you will need to play it attentively. You are already in that world! Offline play You can play the game offline, that is, the elements of the game do not disappear when you turn off the phone. The game is being played as a single player game, and the only thing that changes when you switch on the mobile phone is the presence of the other person on the server in the game. If you do not have an internet connection, you will be able to play the game offline in this mode. Online play Online play, in which you can fight against other players. The only things you need is an internet connection. There will be numerous monsters, to make the game interesting, there will be waves of monsters and your ship will be much more powerful and




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