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Children & Parenting Astrology Report

Specialized Natal Report sent to Email

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Service Description

This report is written specifically for parents of children, and it focuses on issues that parents are concerned about for their children: the needs, talents, potential problems, health, relationship to parents, the school environment, etc. This report give guidance to get to know their children as they grow up. It is accurate and well-written. This report is about 12-14 pages. Languages available: English CHILD REPORT SAMPLE (English) ***************************************************************** Tara June 10, 1982 12:01 PM Mount Kailash, India ***************************************************************** This Astrological Child Report has been designed as a guide for Tara's parents, with a special commitment: to help with Tara's growth and cultural upbringing, to emphasize and strengthen her assets, and to alert the parents to mistakes or possible problems that Tara could face in her life. Chapter 1 describes Tara the way she really is (position of the Sun), and the way her personality is expressed (Ascendant sign). Chapters 2 and 3 describe the influences linked to her mother and father respectively, which DOES NOT mean a description of their personalities, but the way Tara sees them, experiences them, and which characteristics she takes from each one. In the astrological chart of a brother or sister, the description of parents could be different due to the individual's perspective. Chapter 4 completes the sequence of the description of Tara's temperament, focusing her mind, her attitude toward education, and her intellectual capacity. Chapter 5 describes Tara's destiny, her vocation, her profession, and the probability of success in the material world. In order to get an appropriate view of Tara's vocational possibilities, it will be necessary to combine what is in this chapter plus what is in Chapter 1. Chapter 6 analyzes the conditions of Tara's health; some tendencies or possibilities to physical diseases are mentioned, which DOES NOT mean that Tara is going to suffer from them, one by one. It does mean that those are her weak points and she is inclined to those possibilities. As a complement, some recommendations for Tara to have better nutrition are mentioned. Finally, Chapter 7 describes the astrological influence of the outer planets which affect all the children who were born in the same period of years, producing common ideas and behaviors and generational characteristics.

Cancellation Policy

If it is necessary to cancel your scheduled appointment, we require that you drop a mail to us one working day in advance. Appointments are high in demand, and your early cancellation will give another person the possibility to have access to timely medical care, life issues and construction plans.

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