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The Dance of Agni, Soma, and Ravi: Tantra's Cosmic Balance

In the science of Tantra, the principle of harmony becomes even more profound. Agni and Soma are inherently contradictory. Agni's role is absorption and destruction, while Soma's function is expansion and creation. The conflict between Agni and Soma is inherent in their nature.

Agni is the force of destruction and transformation, and it impacts Soma by diminishing it, causing Soma to lose its essence. In return, Soma affects Agni by striking it, leading Agni to obtain fuel and ignite, and start consuming the essence.

While Agni's destructive role is primary, Soma is its collaborator. In the realm of creation, Soma's power is dominant, but Agni plays a secondary role. However, in the context of destruction, Agni is dominant, and Soma is secondary. When Agni and Soma are in equilibrium, their equal strengths lead to a balance in the processes of creation and destruction. This state is referred to as Ravi or the Sun.

The science of Kamakala is associated with Ravi (the Sun), while Agni and Soma represent arts and creativity. Therefore, Ravi is considered to be in harmony with both Agni and Soma.

Conversely, in a state of imbalance, where there is disharmony, Ravi orchestrates the play of creation and destruction. This is the field where the expression of Hatha-Kala (forceful art) begins, and the construction of elements and principles commences.

According to scriptures, the white and red dots in Kamakala, representing Shiva and Shakti, interact with each other dynamically, causing contraction and expansion. Through the interplay of these dots, the creation of the six forms of the world takes place, and the construction of the sixfold world occurs. These two are mutually entered and distinct from each other. This dynamic interplay is also referred to as the divine union of the heavenly couple, Kamakameshwari.

In this way, the science of Kamakala explores the intricate relationship between Agni, Soma, and Ravi, and how their interplay leads to the creation and destruction of the universe.


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