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The Infinite Rewards of Cow Care and Service

In the myriad beliefs and traditions of the world, the culture and ethos of India stand apart, emphasizing universal values of compassion, kindness, and respect towards all living beings. One animal, in particular, holds a special place in the country's heritage and lifestyle - the cow. Revered in the traditional scriptures, the cow is seen as a symbol of selfless giving and bounty. This blog post delves into the concept of cow care and the profound rewards it brings, as encapsulated in the following verses:

गाश्व शुश्रूषते यश्च समन्येति च सर्वशः ।
तरमै तुष्टाः प्रयच्छन्ति वरानपि सुदुर्लभान् ।।
दुह्येन मनसा वापि गोषु नित्यं सुखप्रदः ।
अर्चयेत् सदा चैव नमस्कारैश्च पूजयेत् ।।
दान्तः प्रीतमना नित्यं गवां व्युष्टिं तथाश्नुते।।

"A human who serves the cows and follows them in all respects, satisfied cows bestow upon him exceedingly rare blessings. Never harbor any ill-will towards cows, ensure their comfort always, respect them appropriately, and continuously worship them with reverential salutations. The self-controlled and content human who routinely serves the cows is blessed with prosperity."

At the heart of these verses is the encouragement of cow care and service, but it goes beyond mere physical service. It signifies an attitude of reverence, an understanding of the sacred, and a commitment to ensuring their wellbeing. A person who serves cows, following their needs and ensuring their welfare, attracts the blessings of these magnificent creatures. As per the verses, content and happy cows bestow even the most elusive blessings on their caregiver.

But it is not simply about the act of service. The verses call for the avoidance of any negative emotions or ill will towards cows. They urge us to provide comfort to these animals, which has a deeper meaning. It implies creating an environment where cows are not stressed or exploited but are allowed to live naturally and peacefully.

The verses further underscore the need for reverence and respect for cows. They encourage us to show our gratitude and appreciation for these creatures through our actions and attitudes. This can include small gestures like a respectful bow or simply acknowledging their presence. Such expressions of respect not only strengthen our bond with the cows but also remind us of their importance in our lives and our environment.

The message is clear: Cow care is not merely a duty; it's a spiritual practice that requires self-control, a joyous heart, and a consistent commitment. The verses suggest that the person who serves cows with a serene mind and a controlled sense of self is blessed with prosperity.

In conclusion, the practice of serving and caring for cows brings abundant rewards, not just material, but also on a spiritual level. It is a means to cultivate virtues of compassion, respect, self-control, and contentment in our lives. Let us all imbibe this ethos in our actions and attitudes, reaping the benefits of this profound practice.

- Hemanth Kumar G


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