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Gomati Vidhya

गोषु भक्तश्च लभते यद् यदिच्छति मानवः ।

स्त्रियोऽपि भक्ता या गोषु ताश्च काममवाप्नुयुः ।।

पुत्रार्थी लभते पुत्रं कन्यार्थी तामवाप्नुयात् ।

धनार्थी लभते वित्तं धर्मार्थी धर्मप्राप्नुयात् ।।

विद्यार्थी चाप्नुयाद् विद्यां सुखार्थी प्राप्नुयात् सुखम् ।

न किंचिद् दुर्लभं चैव गवां भक्तस्य भारत।।

(महा. अनु. ८३/५०-५२)

Whatever the cow devotee desires, he gets it all. Even among women who are devotees of cows, they get desired wishes. A son-prone man gets a son and a girl-prone girl. One who seeks wealth gets wealth and one who seeks religion gets religion. The student gets knowledge, and the happy person gets happiness. In India, nothing is rare for a cow devotee. (Mahabharata. Anushasana Parva. 83/50-52)

Gomati Vidhya

In Mahabharata's Vaishnava-Dharma, a large Avantar-Parva, only cow-glory has been discussed. In it and in Puranas such as Vishnudharmottara and Agni etc., with great sweetness, attractiveness and devotion, Vedic Suktas have described the glory of the cow. This type of material is very detailed in the Itihasa-Puranas, but in them a special mantra praise named "Gomati Vidhya" is found, whose recitation leads to the growth of cows in the house, district, nation etc. and the troubles go away spontaneously. This Vidhya has been said to be more important than other Upanishads and Puranic Vidhyas. Being the root cause of excessive growth of cows, it is called Gomati Vidhya and When cows grow, there is all kinds of happiness and peace because of the increase of pure precious substances like yogurt, milk, ghee etc. This satisfies the gods and the creatures of the entire world. Those who recite it not only attain worldly prosperity and divine knowledge but also attain the supreme Bhagavaddhana named Goloka in the next world.

गोमती कीर्तयिष्यामि सर्वपापप्रणाशिनीम् ।

तां तु मे वदतो विप्र शृणुष्व सुसमाहितः ।।

गावः सुरभयो नित्यं गावो गुग्गुलगन्धिकाः ।

गावः प्रतिष्ठा भूतानां गावः स्वस्त्ययनं परम् ।

अन्नमेव परं गावो देवानां हविरुत्तमम् ।

पावनं सर्वभूतानां रक्षन्ति च वहन्ति च ।।

हविषा मन्त्रपूतेन तर्पयन्त्यमरान् दिवि ।

ऋषिणामग्निहोत्रेषु गावो होमे प्रयोजितः ।।

सर्वेषामेव भूतानां गावः शरणमुत्तमम् ।

गावः पवित्रं परमं गावो मङ्गगलमुत्तमम् ।

गावः स्वर्गस्य सोपाने गावो धन्याः सनातनाः ।

(ॐ) नमो गोभ्यः श्रीमतीभ्यः सौरभेयीभ्य एव च ।।

नमो ब्रह्मसुताभ्यश्व पवित्राभ्यो नमो नमः ।

ब्राह्मणाश्चैव गावश्य कुलमेकं द्विधा स्थितम् ।।

एकत्र मन्त्रास्तिष्ठन्ति हविरेकत्र तिष्ठति ।

देवब्राह्मणगोसाधुसाध्वीभिः सकलं जगत् ।।

धार्यते वै सदा तस्मात् सर्वे पूज्यतमाः सदा ।

यत्र तीर्थे सदा गावः पिबन्ति तृषिता जलम् ।

उत्तरन्ति पथा येन स्थिता तत्र सरस्वती ।।

गवां हि तीर्थे वसतीह गङ्गा पुष्टिस्तथा तद्रजसि प्रवृध्दा । लक्ष्मीः करीषे प्रणतौ च धर्मस्तासां प्रणामं सततं च कुर्यात् ।।

(विष्णुधर्मोत्तरपु दि. खं. ४२/४६-५८)

(Vishnudharmottarapu D. B. 42/46-58)

(Son of Jaládhinatha Varuna, lord of Pushkara Dweepa, the knower of all scriptures, lord Pushkara tells him while preaching ten Vidhyas on the question of Lord Parshuráma)

You are Vipravara. Now I am describing Gomti Vidhya. This Gomati Vidya is going to completely eradicate all the sins. Listen to it with full concentration.

Cows are eternal surabhirúpini - the first productive mother of cows and welfare, virtuous, beautiful and best smelling. They are combined with a smell similar to guggulu. The community of all living beings is established on cows only. She is also the editor of all types of ultimate welfare i.e., Dharma, Artha, Káma and Móksha. Cows are the basic power for the production of all excellent food grains. And they are also the supreme original productive power of all the Gods' Bhakshyabhut Havishyánna and Purodásha etc., It makes all living beings absolutely pure, pure and sinless by its sight and touch. They corrode nectar-like substances like milk, curd, and ghee etc., and by becoming a capable Taurus, they are able to carry all kinds of heavy carts and bear the burden of food production. It is she who gratifies the deities in heaven by offerings sanctified by Veda mantras. Even in the Ashramás of Rushis and Munis, only cow's ghee, milk, etc., are used for the (Havanéya Dravya) sacrificial substances in the (Yajna) sacrificial fires and (Agnihotrádi) sacred fires. (That's why they have been following cows with special devotion) Where no refuge is found, cows become the best refuge for all the creatures of the world. Cows are the most sacred among the holy things and are responsible for all kinds of auspicious things. Cows are the direct stepping stone to heaven and they certainly and always have been the primary eternal cause of all wealth and prosperity. Greetings to the cows who give place to Lakshmi in their bodies. Salutations to the pure and holy, simple and fragrant cows born in Surabhi's family. Greetings to the Brahmaputri cows. Pure and sacred to the whole atmosphere from the interior to the farthest and salutations to the cows who keep doing it again and again.

In fact, both cows and brahmins belong to the same clan. Pure essence exists in both. In Brahmins, there is the status of Veda mantras, then in cows, there is a future of Yagna. It is only through these two that after the Yagna is completed, all the grazing animals from the deities like Vishnu etc., are adopted. This whole world is sustained only on the basis of the virtues of deities, Brahmins, cows, sages, saint-mahatma and husband-worshipping sati-sádhvi, righteous women. These religious beings always hold the whole world. After all, it is always worshipable and respectful. The water bodies in which thirsty cows quench their thirst by drinking water and wherever they cross the river crossing the water bodies etc., the rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Sindhu, Saraswati etc., or places of pilgrimage definitely exist. All the rivers and places of pilgrimage like Ganga etc., reside in the cow-form pilgrimage and all kinds of ever-increasing abundant dharma and nourishment reside in the cow's blood. Sákshát Bhagwati Lakshmi constantly resides in the dung of cows and in saluting her, the four-footed Dharma is completed. That's why intelligent and welfare men should keep saluting cows continuously.

- Hemanth Kumar G

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