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Human Dharma and the Ethic of Giving

In the vast expanse of this universe, amid all sentient and non-sentient beings, humans stand out as superior creatures. They are the only species blessed with both intelligence and the freedom to act. While most living beings operate instinctively, bound by the laws of nature, humans possess the unique consciousness that allows them to make choices based on their individual desires and actions.

There is an ancient saying that humans should engage in the world wholeheartedly, immerse themselves in its dealings, and strive to impress. But, is it so simple to win the hearts of the people? Is it easy to perform deeds that leave an everlasting impression? The nuances and answers to these questions lie in understanding the delicate balance of human interactions.

Many in this world consider food as divine. But the irony is that while some hold this belief, they waste it without a second thought. It’s a poignant reminder that sometimes, enlightenment may emerge from our daily sustenance. The hardships faced by many in obtaining basic necessities remind us of the grace of the Divine. Such trials and tribulations are intricately woven into our human experience.

This life is indeed rare and challenging. Its secrets are not easily unraveled. As you navigate the deceptive trade of this world, it is essential to recognize and value your own existence. Why, then, are some quick to criticize others when they lack understanding themselves? It's vital to remember that it's not this world that is at fault. If one wishes to pay homage to the creator of this universe, one must refrain from uttering anything other than His divine name.

When blessed with abundance, it’s our duty to share. It is said, “Praise & sing those, who feed you.” Dedicate your efforts to the Almighty and refrain from being solely focused on self-gain. It's futile to condemn those who do not share; instead, avoid criticism and avoid becoming the criticized. Never stray from the path of righteousness and remember to constantly sing praises of the Divine.

In the end, it is not just about mere sustenance or feeding the hungry. It’s about recognizing the divine in every act of giving and sharing. It is the realization that in giving, we fulfill our human dharma and come closer to the Divine.

- Hemanth Kumar G

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