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Kidney Stones (Vr̥kkāśmarī)

Updated: Nov 22, 2020


  • Sharp pain in the Kidney / Gall bladder,

  • Difficulty in urinating,

  • the passing of urine drop by drop instead of in a flow,

  • stoppage of urine,

  • blood in urine, etc.,


In Ayurveda, it is known as Vr̥kkāśmarī (Vr̥kka means kidney and Aśmarī mean stone). The kidneys are located one on each side of the body, just below the liver and the spleen. When the liver, busy in its manifold duties, is not entirely capable of doing its job of purifying the blood, the remaining work is taken up by the kidneys. The kidneys, after filtering out the wastes and impurities and surplus water of the body, supply pure blood to nourish the body. The surplus water and waste materials are then accumulated in the collecting system of the kidneys and from there are passed on to the bladder. Ultimately these waste fluids are expelled from the body through the urinary tract as urine.

If the acid content of the blood becomes excessive or if the blood suffers from other poisonous contaminations, this upsets the heart, liver, and kidneys. The harm may be so great that the heart becomes incapable even of exerting sufficient pressure to keep the blood circulating unobstructed through the blood vessels. If such a situation continues for some time, the different waste materials found in the urine (accumulated naturally in the collecting system of the kidneys and in the urinary bladder) become high in proportion to the surplus water found there. And when that urine becomes sedimented, the waste materials start crystallizing. These crystals or stones can occur in different sizes and kinds. During urination, the presence of these stones blocks or obstructs the natural flow of urine. In that situation, the bodily organs try to eject these stones from the kidneys to assure the flow of urine. This very effort of the organs is very painful for the patient. So wherever urine containing such impurities gets a chance to settle, the impurities crystallize and form kidney stones.

Vedavidhya consultants leverage the rare formulation & treatments from traditional Siddha medicine from time tested ancient practitioners of India who have treated at least ten thousand patients suffering from Kidney Stones & Gall Bladder Stones. In Ayurveda, each case of Kidney stone treatment is different because medicines are personalized for every patient for maximum efficacy.


Step 1: Book an online appointment with Vedavidhya Consultants for Ayurvedic, Yogic, Nutrition based Treatments, and Natural Remedies.

Step 2: Specialized Siddha Medicine or Ayurvedic medicine will be recommended after analysis of scanning reports and discussion with the patient through an online consultation.

Step 3: If specialized Siddha Medicine is prescribed, it can be ordered through Vedavidhya Shop.

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