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Kidney Stone Removal Churna (Food Grade)

Kidney Stone Removal Churna (Food Grade)

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This is a traditional Siddha Powder that comes under food grade. It has been successfully used by more than ten thousand patients under the guidance of one of the ancient Indian traditional practitioners. 




Step 1: Book an online appointment with Vedavidhya Consultants for Ayurvedic, Yogic, Nutrition based Treatments, and Natural Remedies.


Step 2: Specialized Siddha Medicine or Ayurvedic medicine will be recommended after analysis of scanning reports and discussion with the patient through an online consultation.


Step 3: If specialized Siddha Medicine is prescribed, it can be ordered through Vedavidhya Shop here.


Note:- This product will be provided only under medical supervision. Patients have to mail their recent scanning report with their name, age, address, phone number to