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Missing Object Recovery - Astrological case study

My mother lost her two gold bangles which she said kept on the table the previous night. I had put the time chart on 11/01/2021 at 11:58:55 AM for the Chikmagalur location. As per traditional astrology, I looked into the sign lord of IInd house which was Mars and was positioned in Ist house a Kendra which shows that the recovery of the article is easy and quick. The IInd house here falls under Mesha which is a moveable sign signifying fire element. Fire signs show that the object is about halfway-up in height. Mars shows some fireplaces. Moon aspects IVth house so lost item may be there in the watery place, kitchen, fire, etc., Venus also aspects IVth which says it may be there in bed or bedroom. Sun also aspects the IVth house which shows the bedroom of some senior person of the family or underground outside the house. So I searched in Kitchen heights, Almera, bed, etc., but didn't found. I searched in possible places shown by planets according to traditional astrology. Also chanted the mantras of my Upasana devatas which are dedicated to showing the past, present & future clues, and also chanted mantras of devata which brings back the lost objects. Irrespective of divine guidance, human efforts should always be there.

Then I started the KP method. VIIth house sub lord was Sun and Sun's star lord was Sun (also Sun's sub lord was Sun which is not required here but it added up the confidence of prediction). Now Sun signifies 10, 10, 6, 6. Since the VIth house is shown, the article will come back. So to get a clear idea, I thought of seeking a bit of expert advice. Talked to one of my astrology master Shri Vignesh Hariharan who is the grandson of Shri K S Krishnamurthy, the founder of KP Astrology.

As I was conversing with him over the phone about the VIIth house - Sun - 6, 10, etc., my father signaled me that the bangles were found in my mother's purse itself. My mother had gone out to look for a rented house. She prayed to God that why her hard-earned bangles are lost and requested to please let her get them back. It was the fourth time she searched her purse and astonishingly she got them back!! The same was informed to my father over the phone. My father told this to me when I was seeking guidance from my sir.

This news of object recovery came at 12:47 PM during which Ruling Planets like both Lagna & Moon Star lords were Ketu. Lagna Sub lord was Rahu and Day-lord was Moon. Here Ketu signifies 10, 9, 4, 7. Here 4 - Mother, 9 - Father, 7 - reflecting back the material, 10 - went out just now as part of some work. Moon signified 9, 9, 5. Here 9 - gave the news through father. Twice repetition of 9 is signified from Moon and once from Ketu. Day-lord is also Moon. So when I looked back into the day, I recalled my Mother was tensed due to my father during the daily routines. So that stress is the cause for not identifying the bangles even though it was there in the purse. As she prayed to god, vibrations of myself chanting the mantras and seeking divine astrological guidance shed light on missing object recovery.

Several times the astrology has guided me in day to day activities. I am not a master in this science but a lifelong learner who is learning different branches of this divine science for more than 20 years. Scientific exploration with due respect to its divinity of Astrology could bring back this divine science to its original strength.

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- Vijnasu

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