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The Divine Grace of Go Seva: Soul can cross the Vaitarani River & Asipatrádi Narakas

असिपत्रादिकं घोरं नदी वैतरणी तथा ।
प्रसादात् ते तरिष्यामि गोमातरस्ते नमो नमः ।।

In the mystical journey of life and beyond, the sacred scriptures offer a potent solution to escape the horrors of the afterlife - the selfless service of the holy cow.

The ominous river Vaitarani and the terrifying Asipatravana - the forest of sword-like leaves, represent formidable challenges a soul encounters in the afterlife. These challenges are metaphors for the punishments that await a soul due to its misdeeds during its earthly existence.

The Dharmic texts assure us that the benign act of cow service helps the human soul easily cross these daunting impediments, rescuing it from the terrifying hells.

On the eleventh day of the bright fortnight of the Margashirsha month, also known as 'Mokshada Ekadashi' or 'Vaitarani Ekadashi,' the ritual of cow service takes on a profound significance. The prayer during the service is a humble entreaty to the cow, the divine mother - 'O Go Mata, with your blessings, I shall cross the dreadful narakas and the Vaitarani river. I bow to you repeatedly.'

This belief highlights the potent spiritual symbolism of the cow in the Dharmic tradition, associating the compassionate care of these gentle creatures with the transcendence of worldly and other-worldly obstacles.

- Hemanth Kumar G

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