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The Fruit of Cow Service: The Reward of Feeding Grass

The Anushasana Parva of the Mahabharata mentions a unique act of cow service that has profound effects. It reveals that the person who feeds a handful of grass daily to another's cow, prior to having their meal, for a span of one year, will experience the immense benefits of this act of service.

The virtues earned from this simple yet profound cow service are capable of annihilating all the miseries arising from their past wrongdoings. This act not only brings about the eradication of past sins, but it also paves the way for the fulfillment of one's desires. It brings about an increase in progeny, fame, wealth, and property. Even the deepest desires of their heart are fulfilled through this dedicated service.

The Devi Bhagavata Purana,

Chapter 22 - On the rules of Vaiśvadeva [Book 11] -

O Nārada! After the offering given to Vaiśvanara, one is to offer Gogrāsa, that is, mouthfuls of food to the cows. Hear now how that is done. The mother Surabhi, the beloved of Viṣṇu, is always stationed in the region of Viṣṇu (Viṣṇupada); so O Surabhi! I am offering you mouthfuls of food. Accept it. “Salutation to the cows,” saying this, one is to worship the cows and offer food to them. Hereby Surabhi, the Mother of the cows, becomes pleased. After this, one is to wait outside for a period that is taken to milch a cow, whether any guests are coming.

The Skanda Purana

Chapter 6 - Directions for Kārttikavrata < [Section 4 - Kārttikamāsa-māhātmya] -

If the rite of Gogrāsa (offering a morsel of grass or food to a cow as an ancillary to an expiatory rite) is performed by people in the month of Kārttika, even Pitāmaha (God Brahmā) is incapable of recounting the fruit of their merit.

The Skanda Purana

Chapter 36 - The Glory of Dhanuṣkoṭi: Durācāra Liberated < [Section 1 - Setu-māhātmya] -

One has to do Pitru Upasana during Mahalaya Paksha. If one is too poor and even doesn't get anything by begging, offer Gogrāsa (i.e. a morsel of grass or food to a cow) in the month of Bhādrapada for propitiating the Pitṛs.

In essence, this act of feeding grass to a cow daily emphasizes the profound spiritual benefits of serving and caring for these revered creatures, as illustrated in our ancient scriptures.

- Hemanth Kumar G

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