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The Dual Benefits of Cow Reverence: Worldly and Spiritual

तीर्थस्नानेषु यत्पुण्यं यत्पुण्यं विप्रभोजने ।
यत्पुण्यं च महादाने । यत्पुण्यं हरिसेवने ।।
भूमिपर्यटने यत्तु सत्यवाक्येषु यद् भवेत् ।
तत्पुण्यं प्राप्यते सद्यः केवलं धेनुसेवया ।।

The ancient scriptures eloquently assert the sacred nature of cows. They hold that the virtue obtained from bathing in holy waters, the piety gained from offering food to Brāhmaṇas, the merit of making significant donations, the virtue of serving the divine, the wisdom garnered from worldly travels, and the goodness embodied in speaking the truth—all these virtues can be instantaneously attained through the simple act of serving the cow.

In our rapidly evolving world, the materialist perspectives of the West often assess the value of entities based on their productivity. These positivist thinkers assign value proportionate to the perceived contributions of any object, person, or creature. Interestingly, their extensive studies and analyses have led to a conclusion that brings immense pride to the devout cow worshippers of India.

These Western scholars opine that humanity's unfettered spiritual quest, escalating arms race, and rampant environmental imbalance have plunged us into a deepening crisis. In this period of unprecedented transition, they emphasize that the nurturing and protection of cows offer a potential lifeline for survival. This view celebrates the inherent wisdom of ancient Indian traditions and underscores the profound significance of cows, not only for their immediate tangible benefits but also for their spiritual contributions to humanity.

-Hemanth Kumar G

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