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What are there in Vedas?

Veda means Knowledge. It's the ultimate truth about Nature - Prakruthi. It has "All Subjects" which are "All Time" and "All Place" truth. Vedas came from infinite and remain immortal even after the dissolution of the whole Earth. This is because Veda is not just a text, it's Naada - the Wave of bliss. We can see the collection of verses in Veda. These are the particular pattern of waves noted by various great sages during their research (Tapasya) on Nature. Veda is an experimented, experienced, proved, and accepted publication of complete research on whatever topic you consider. If a modern researcher says, I have invented a new thing; for him/her it is new. But Veda has explained the basic theory. So Veda is complete, truth, justice, the breath of society, food, life, and knowledge. In this article, I will list some of the subjects the Vedas addresses.

Pancha Bhootatmaka Prakruthi: Five elemental Nature

  • Srusti - Creation

  • Sthithi - Maintenance

  • Laya - Manifestation

  • Prakruthi Niyama - Rules of Nature

  • Prakruthi Poshana - Nourishment

  • Prakruthika Lakshana - Properties of Nature

  • Baugolika Siddhanta& Niyama - Geography and its rules

Jaivika: Bio or topics related to LIFE

  • Abhivrudhdhi - Development

  • Prabheda - Diversity

  • Charaachara - Moving and Non-Moving things.

Four basic forms of species:

  • Andaja - Egg born

  • Swedhaja - Sweat-born or water-born

  • Yonija - Mammals

  • Udbija - Earthborn

84 Lakh Jeeva Vaividhya: Biodiversity

  • Analysis of bio species in terms of Geography & body nature:

    • Sheeta - Cold

    • Madhya - Medieval or Equal Cold & Hot

    • Ushna - Hot

Jeeva Sankula Srusti Vidhaana: The ways by which creation of life cycle of species that lead to the Biosphere

  • Jeevi + Mana : Animal Species + Mind

  • Sasyaadhi + Mana : Plants, metals, materials & the like + Mind

  • Jeevi + Jeeva : Living being + Life

  • Sasyaadhi + Jeeva : Plants, metals, materials & the like + Life

  • Jeeva Rahasya : Secret of creation and sustain of Life.

Srusti Rahasya: Secret of Creation

Anu Parichaya: Introduction to Atom

  • Anu Vijnana - Atomic Science

  • Shakthi Rahasya - Secrets and formulas of Energy

Medical Science: Vaidhya Vidhya

  • Deha Rachana - Body Formation (Beyond present-day Anatomy & Physiology)

  • Anga Vinyasa - Design of organs or parts of the body

  • Aangika Shakthi - Power of organs

  • Rachana Vinyaasa - Combined designs of different types of organs

  • Kaarya Nirvahana - Unity & supportive action among diverse organs

  • Nara Vijnaana - Neurology

  • Prasootika Vijnaana - Gynecology, etc.,

Interaction of Consciousness:

  • Deha + Mana : Body + Mind

  • Mana + Maanava : Mind + Man

  • Mano Vijnaana - Psychology

Rasaayana Shaasthra - Chemistry

Social Sciences & Philosophies:

  • Jeevana Dharma - Accommodation of a Perfect Life Style, Personality development, how to follow the truth and stick to principles

  • Siddhanta & Darshana Shasthara - Doctrines that are proposed by enlightened sages and accepted by the court of Saptarshi's are called Darshana shastras. They are 18,000 in number.

    • Karma Siddhanta - Life forms & continues due to the work or duties from the past and present.

    • Nireeshwara Vaada - Samkhya denies the existence of Ishvara (God) or any other exterior influence. Universe has two realities: Purusha (consciousness) and Prakriti (phenomenal realm of matter).

    • Suguna Vaada - God or any other exterior influence has good attributes

    • Nirguna Vaada - God or any other exterior influence has no attributes

    • Eshwariya Siddhanta - God is the owner of all

    • EkOpaasana - worship of only one deity

    • Bahu Devataa Tatva : Different Gods

    • Beeja Siddhanta - Seed Technology.

    • Beeja Samskarana - Preparation of good seed.

    • Shunya Siddhanta: All from the void and all to void

    • Adwaitha Siddhanta - Identity of the self and the whole

    • Dwaitha Siddhanta - the individual souls of beings are not 'created' by God but do, nonetheless, depend on Him for their existence.

    • Shakthi Siddhanta - Shiva is the static consciousness and Shakti is the dynamic consciousness. Through his Shakti, he affects the manifestation of the universe.

    • Vishistadwaitha Siddhanta - It is non-dualism of the qualified whole, in which Brahman alone exists, but is characterized by multiplicity.

    • Sagunoopaasana - Worship of the absolute with qualities

    • Nirgunoopaasana - Worship of supreme reality without form, quality, attribute

    • Moorthi Swaroopa - Corporeal form

    • Niraakara Swaroopa - Non-Corporeal form

    • Jnananopaasana - Worship of Knowledge etc.,

Disease Science:

  • ROga - Disease

    • ROga Parichaya - Types of Diseases

    • ParihaarOpaaya - Ideas to Cure.

    • Chikitsaa Vidhaana - Treatment

Automobile Engineering:

  • Yaanam - Automobiles:

    • RaTha Vidhya - Land Vehicles

    • Jala Yaana - Aquatic Vehicles

    • Aakasha Gamana - Sky Vehicles

Tantra - Technology:

  • Tantrika Vidhya Rahasya - Secrets of technology, its effects, and application

  • Upaamshu - Supportive materials in each branch of Engineering

  • Upasamhaara - Completion, Verification, Validation, Testing, Maintenance, and Neutralizer in case of failure or adverse effects.

  • Yantra Maatruka - Theory of Machines

  • Darshana Vidhya - Telecommunication

  • Darpana Vidhya - Display technology for output of any subject, thoughts, past and present events.

  • Parikara Vijnana - Material Science

Production & Distribution:

  • Krushi - Agriculture

  • Vaanijya - Business

Architecture & Constructions:

  • Gruha Nirmaana - Building Construction

  • Vaasthu Vidhya - Civil Engineering

  • Alankaara - Interior and Exterior Design both for building and body

Education System:

  • Vidhya - Education System

    • Agni Vidhya - Spiritual

    • Mruthyu Vidhya - Worldly

  • Samaaja Shasthra - Social Science

  • Artha Shasthra - Economics

  • Nyaya Meemamsa - Judiciary, law, and orders.

  • Vyuha Rachana - War Techniques

  • Audhyogika Soothra - Employment Formulas

Bhauta Shaastra - Vedic Physics which the one and only ultimate Science

  • KhagOLa Vijnaana - Astronomy, Astrology and Cosmology

    • Wave Science: Theory, Uses, Application, Affects

    • Naada Taranga - Sound Wave

    • Jala Taranga - Water Wave

    • Kirana Taranga - Light Wave

    • 40 subjects come under the Bhauta Shaastra.


  • SaanKhya Shasthra - Ancient Indian Mathematics

    • Saamaanya Ganitha - Common or business Math

    • Sthoola-Sookshma Ganitha - Micro & Macro Maths


  • Shilpa Kalaadhi Vidhya - Iconography, Arts

  • Gaana Naatyaadhi Vidhya - Music, Dance, Instrumental

  • Chitrakalaa - Drawing, and Painting.


  • BhaaShaa Shasthra - Language science.

  • Aksha(ra) Vidhya - Formulas, reasons, and power of Alphabets. A channel to understand any language including foreign, animals, birds, plants, materials.

  • Vyakarana - Grammer

  • Chandas Shasthara - Vedic Meters

  • Kaavya - Poetry

Politics & Administration:

  • Raaja Neethi - Political Science,

  • AadaLitha - Administration


  • Adhyatma - Spirituality

  • Aatma Rahasya - Secret of Soul

  • YOGA

  • Deva Rahasya - Secret of Gods;

  • Deva + Maanava Sambandha - God + Human relationship.

This is just an overview, not a complete list. All these are coded in Vedas in their own formula. So Veda has complete knowledge with high accuracy. So it's the only source, reference, guide, evidence, good path shower, and rule book in this world. Hence Veda is the ultimate truth and the Darshana Shastras, Siddanthas, Smruthi, and others are prejudiced because they are tied to a single rule, single subject, wellness of a single group of followers, and propose their opinion that has limits and fail in some cases. But Veda is out of these jurisdictions and announces the real knowledge without fear for the welfare of all.

- Hemanth Kumar G

***Practice & publish Veda which is the ultimate truth***

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