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Blood Pressure Diseases

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Symptoms:- Lack of sound sleep, getting up a number of times at night to urinate, headache, dizziness, palpitation, or pain in the chest, etc.


  1. Usually, those who do little physical labor but at the same time have a lot of fatty foods such as oil, ghee, etc., in their diets become victims of high blood pressure. Fat, in the absence of any physical activity, does not get an opportunity to break down and be converted into heat or energy. The surplus fat turns the body into a mass of flesh and fat, and this exerts undue pressure on the various organs and glands of the body. When this surplus fat accumulates within the veins and arteries, it narrows the passage available for the blood. As a result, the blood vessels fail to help the heart maintaining adequate blood circulation. Under such circumstances, to keep the blood circulation normal, the heart has to overwork.

  2. Those who do not undertake much physical labor, but eat substantial quantities of nutritious food, suffer from excessive blood formation in their systems. This surplus blood, after being converted into flesh and fat, gradually obstructs the activity of the blood vessels, as previously described, and produces too high a pressure of blood on the heart. Meanwhile, the different body organs and glands of those who have an excess blood supply and whose hearts are under too much pressure, become over-active, and it generates anger or sexual passion in them. So in people with this type of high blood pressure, sexual desire and anger grow along with the disease. Sometimes this extreme anger or desire causes death due to the bursting of the blood vessels.

  3. Those who shun physical labor, yet eat an abnormal quantity of animal or vegetable proteins, risk injury due to the surplus protein in their systems. Human bodies have no place to store surplus protein because they have no need to store it. So the organs of the body try to expel it from the system. This surplus protein decreases the alkaline portion of the blood and increases the acidic portion. Over-acidity of the blood weakens the blood-producing and blood-purifying organs such as the liver, kidneys, etc., and as a result the veins and arteries also get hardened and weak. These hardened, weak blood vessels cannot maintain the blood circulation, due to which the heart comes under heavy pressure. In this condition, to keep the bodily organs functioning normally, the heart has to over-exert. But the weak blood vessels cannot bear this over-activity of the heart: they burst and cause internal hemorrhaging.

  4. For various reasons, the blood-producing and blood-purifying organs may become weak. And when they become quite weak, one gets less than the required quantity of blood for the body. In this condition, the patient suffers from a lack of sleep, headache, dizziness, serious physical weakness, etc. This is called low blood pressure.

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