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CLM TIT TAR Level 1-2 Certified

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Vedavidhya Consultants constantly upgrade their knowledge for the benefit of society. This time it is the bone alignment skills from the world-famous Tit Tar technique. Two thousand old years Tit Tar is revised by Grand Master Chris Leong and is now called as Chris Leong Method (CLM).

Brahmi Ayurveda Clinic is an authentic healthcare service provider. The knowledge we gained from the two levels of CLM is going to help the patients suffering from regular aches and pains. CLM Level 1 has helped us to gain secret techniques and skills that have traditional Chinese methodology at their core. The basic techniques covered, combine the healing art of traditional Chinese medicine with a modern medical approach. We learned the physiology and structure of the body, as well as understood how to treat your bones, joints, muscles, and nerve system.

In Level 1 we learned:

  • How to control our strength

  • How to produce inner strength

  • How to manipulate joints and bones

    • Wrist

    • Ankle

    • Elbow

    • Knee

    • Shoulder

    • Hip

    • Neck

    • Lumbar

  • How to demonstrate Tit Tar techniques

  • How to consult with a patient

  • The key application of Tit Tar techniques

  • The successfully proven Chris Leong Method

In Level 2 we learned theory & practicals related to:

  • Neck Traction

  • Internal Injury

  • Bone broken

  • Bone Fracture

  • Open TX (Standing)

  • Open TX -Neck & Chest (Sitting)

  • Pull Ear

  • Open Neck C1&C2

  • Coccyx

  • Strength & Internal Power

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