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Astrological & Tantric case study on missing gold recovery

This is a part of our astrological research. My student's mother lost her Gold Jewellery. The news was conveyed to me on 08-02-2021 around 11:34 AM over the phone by my student.

As per the Prashna Kundali erected at that moment gave the following hints through KP horary method:-

  1. Recovery chances show during 3-6 August 2021. But a lot of effort is required.

  2. Previously it was around gold, brass, objects of value, rich furnishings, papers, books, paper money.

  3. Now it is around the items like copper, bronze, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, machinery.

  4. Shows the low areas in the room or below ground level, such as a cellar.

As the running Hora was not recommended for astrological queries, I forwarded the verification by Kavade based Deva Prashna method. Later on, resuming the Prashna during auspicious Hora, the following points were gathered:-

  1. Presence sensed in East direction,

  2. Maybe around nearby houses also,

  3. Lost in the night (dark),

  4. Yellow color, 13 items or 13 quantities of the same item in the respective unit.

  5. Doesn't look like a theft. May be lost. Even rats would have misplaced.

  6. Name starting with or having Ya, Ra, La, Va letters and 3 lettered named person is responsible for it.

  7. At the max, it should be found by 11th August 2021. Let's see.

  8. We can workout only up to 30-50% in these predictions.

I had chanted the relevant Mantra and filled the energy to retrieve it back. Asked my student to chant the relevant Mantra afterward and informed them to do their efforts to retrieve back the lost Gold.

On 28-11-2021 I received a call from my student saying that they found the lost Gold. It was found lying under the cot, beneath bed sheets, along with some copper wire. The direction was somewhere around South West. The predictions which came true are highlighted in blue and which didn't succeed are highlighted in red.

As the prediction accuracy was informed to be 30-50%, I am happy to see that much percentage is correct. Also happy for recovery of Gold as part of Mantranushtana done towards recovery gave success. The hards earned wealth with honesty doesn't go to waste.

There will be strong Runa-based reasons, Dosharopana on the material during its exchanges, etc., for losing any material. Finally, it is the Runa, Praapti Yoga & good deeds of the person who lost the material that will help the relevant Tantra to work towards recovery.

Learning from these case studies boosts the confidence of we astrologers and helps us to fine-tune the astrological principles of lost article states and recovery dates.

Also, the queries should be well aware of the human limitations of the astrologer as there will be lots of divine principles involved, which may not be extracted so easily. It depends on the Yogas both the Astrologer and Queriest has along with the Social reasoning (Saamaajika Kaarana). Always sincere effort is required from the queriest towards the recovery of the lost object with positive hope.

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- Vijnasu

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